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Chyler’s Hawaiian Beef Chips® Uses QR Codes to Enhance Customer Experience

Chyler’s Hawaiian Beef Chips® is a family-owned business that produces hand-crafted dried beef chips in Hawaii. The company uses QR codes to enhance the customer experience in a number of ways.

One way that Chyler’s uses QR codes is to provide customers with access to information about their products. When customers scan the QR code on a bag of Chyler’s Hawaiian Beef Chips®, they are taken to a website where they can learn more about the product, including its ingredients, nutritional information, and cooking instructions.

Chyler’s also uses QR codes to promote its products. The company has placed QR codes on its products, as well as in its marketing materials, such as brochures and flyers. When customers scan these QR codes, they are taken to a website where they can learn more about the company and its products, and they can also purchase products directly from the website.

In addition to using QR codes to provide information and promote its products, Chyler’s also uses them to track customer engagement. The company can track how many people scan its QR codes, and it can also track which products customers are most interested in. This information helps Chyler’s to better understand its customers and to develop marketing campaigns that are more effective.

Chyler’s Hawaiian Beef Chips® is just one example of a company that is using QR codes to enhance the customer experience. QR codes are a powerful tool that can be used to provide customers with information, promote products, and track customer engagement. If you are interested in learning more about how QR codes can be used to improve your business, please visit QR Code Generator Hub.


Believe it or not, Hawaiian Beef Chips® are all the result of an un-planned but very fortunate recipe mistake. In 2004, while trying to make beef jerky to encourage our daughter Chyler to include protein in her diet, we accidentally created a completely different snack – the one and only thin and crispy Hawaiian Beef Chips®

After sharing our creation with family and friends, demand has grown as our beef chips have been shared with people both far and wide. With Chyler as our inspiration for the product, we present Hawaiian Beef Chips® for your enjoyment as her gift to you!

Cal & Autumn


Only the choicest cuts of meat are selected for our beef chips. Premium US Beef is the source for our product’s prominent beefsteak flavor and the very reason it’s a protein-rich snack.


The product’s distinctive full-flavor is the result of hours marinating in our secret blend of spices followed by slow oven roasting.


Drawing upon our Hawaiian heritage and traditions, we take pride in making an artisan, handcrafted beef chip that’s perfect for snacking by young and old.


The unique texture had our family saying, "It's not jerky, it's like a chip!". So we adopted the recipe and added “Hawaiian” to honor where it was created and came up with Hawaiian Beef Chips®